Happy Birthday to Me! Reflections on this new personal cycle to come.

Like the text below, this selfie was initially made to be private and is now being shared with you 😉

28th February…Happy birthday to me! Going 36 now… wow! Feel like I lived a lot but there is sooooo much more I want to give out to life, to others… including my family, my friends… and the people that have been touched and will be touched by my work at @thaisdelirainstitute, that I can’t help but to feel wired up and full of energy to make all the ideas and plans I have for this new cycle really happen. 😃

I am super grateful for starting this new personal year… I AM PROUD OF MYSELF FOR never settling and always having worked towards having the life and the career of “leader, ‘healer’ and personal growth enabler” I have now…even if in many times, it was not something I was certain about or had it clear for myself when in my life it would come to fruition in a dedicated way, as I had a successful corporate career that was not easy to drop, truth to be told. Over the last 14 years, my parents, close friends and my husband could testify on how many nights, weekends and holidays I have spend studying, working on getting my degrees in Jungian psychology, Coaching and Therapies…investing in workshops, trainings and on professional experts on a 1:1 level to help me on my personal quests….all this while having a highly demanding and accelerated leadership career in Corporate AmericaS, as I briefly mentioned.

I’ve always chosen to be a reserved person and my first clients were also more reserved people. I started taking in therapy and coaching sessions during my free office time (evenings, holidays, weekends) and my first clients were basically colleagues from previous companies and jobs, from my engineering university… highly growth driven men and women that, like myself, don’t accept to let life just happen with them…that are committed to self growth, looking for a life of more meaning…. and for each one them I feel a profound love and eternal thankfulness for having trusted me in these very early days of mine, just like now, as I still follow most of them. I AM PROUD OF MYSELF FOR looking at life in a spiritual way and for having that spiritual drive in all I do. I like to think of life as something bigger than our human existence. I AM PROUD TO have chosen to live with purpose instead of going along with what society or someone else wanted for me. I have always received judgements disguised as “just curiosity” questions for being a person that is multipassioned and that wants to have it all in life…”so, what is that you do? Wow, how many jobs do you have? Do you have a life at all? What is your main focus then? What does psychology has to do with your engineering background and leadership path you are following? Why don’t you focus on an executive MBA instead of taking in non-related degrees that does not add to your CV or to give you an immediate promotion to a higher management level?” Well, first of all, I never liked the idea of having to invest resources (time, energy, $) only on things to put on a CV or only to have external validation…to have the proper credentials are indeed important and needed… but to “follow my own bliss” resonated more with me.

So, the thing is…I am still learning a lot about life…about myself…still unfolding the many layers of my soul mission and purpose…and truth to be told I am aware I still need to get a lot out of my own way to be able to serve more and more people…so I guess what I am trying to say that I FORGIVE MYSELF FOR letting my armour shields I call “perfectionism” and “need to feel I have every detail along the way figured out from the start” to get in the way of contributing more to others and getting in the way of showing myself more out there. I am a private and introverted person, will always be deep down… but I am aware that sharing my personal quest and struggles is so much helpful for myself and for others who seek their own path, that it is foolish and selfish not to do so.  I FORGIVE MYSELF FOR having many times before started and interrupted many great initiatives and ideas that would serve my higher purpose and that would benefit a lot of people too, that would have made me further away in the path that I am now at. Constance is key. I FORGIVE MYSELF FOR having had and still having so many moments of self-doubt and also for blaming others (even if for a moment) for some failures, when actually it was my fears and personal insecurities acting all along in the backstage that I let to run the way.

So here is my commitment to myself on this 2020 birthday… I COMMIT MYSELF TO letting more other  “personal-truth seekers” to see through the many sides of me…and make this process something dynamic, meaning…to make it a journey of bouncing thoughts, of sharing my personal truths and ideas, my mistakes and lessons learned along the way.  I want to feel comfortable being uncomfortable while sharing with you my valley moments in life and my personal moments of vulnerability, doubt,  goofiness and child-likeness (as on the picture attached, having fun doing private selfies in the bathroom after shower, enjoying my colors that have been highlighted as I was wearing a warm dark blue new cashmere sweater! 😝).

I COMMIT MYSELF TO win my shyness while focusing on serving and sharing …helping more and more people in their journey of transformation. I COMMIT MYSELF TO still be giving and open to help the people that come to me through my work…but to nurture personal time only in the company of people that are positive, uplifting and truly caring… and to leave room and/or ask only the opinion of those who are also trying out new things or really trying to show some skin out there. For me, and I guess for most us – it is really easy to feel a nice instant connection with someone, share bits and pieces of our life (even to help to dismistify that you are not perfect and incentivate the other)… and then find out that probably that person’s interest was more of a curiosity about how you live your life so they can compare to their lives (and check if the grass is greener as it looks from the outside). I can surely make a full post or video about this topic in the future, as I do believe we live in times of “liquid relationships” overall (quoting Zygmunt Bauman), I could spend hours writing or talking about it.

What about you… what are your self “Prouds”, “Forgives“ “Commitments” ? Drop me a line here below or over WhatsApp!

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Look up to “Mr. Beetle”…want to know why?

My thought provoking share for today is that you may look up to Mr. Beetle! Specially when it comes to self confidence and flying!

My thought provoking share for today is that you may look up to Mr. Beetle! Specially when it comes to self confidence and flying!

You must be thinking…”What? A beetle? If I had to pick an animal I wouldn’t pick to be an insect…specially a beetle…that weird, big, noisy and clumsy one!”

Well, I can explain you why!

How often do you find yourself impaired on the decisions you have to make in life?

Starting from the smallest decision like…what to wear that day, what (and if) to cook dinner later today or eat out…

…Til those most impactful decisions….like job, career change…. moving towns, and where to…look out to have a steady relationship or keep being single and focusing on yourself (considering life is being messy enough!)…take a sabbatic period or invest on an MBA….well, I guess you got the idea. We all know life can get way more complex than that.

Now…how much energy do you spend thinking before making all these decisions? Is it with confidence and ease? How often do you decide not to decide? How often do you decide even though you don’t have a clue around it?

And the challenge here is you is at “why did you make the choice”  or “why was that choice so difficult”? “What has motivated you to that decision”?

Let me tell you 3 reasons why Mr. Beetle doesn’t have this problems you have:

1) Mr. Beetle is deaf

Deaf to negative critics and to other people’s expectations! Although (even scientists) say beetles don’t have good aero dynamics, that beetles are not light enough, not coordinated enough, etc…Mr.Beetle just “doesn’t hear” what these people have to say. He is not like other beetles, he is Mr. Beetle. And if their goal is to fly…how does these inputs put in that critical oriented way help? If people aren’t around with the approach to help, they better not bother 🙂

2) Mr. Beetle focus on the goal, which is to keep flying and flying further!

Mr. Beetle’s idea is to keep flying…and going further. As simple as that. Mr. Beetle has made other attempts and succeeded…why would he not succeed this time?

3) Beetle doesn’t care if he will be loved or not!

Mr. Beetle doesn’t care where people want him to go, how high or far, and how graceful the flight should be. He doesn’t care that if he was a bird or a bee the flight would be different (easier maybe). All he know is that he is a beetle and he is happy when flying! He doesn’t “give a duck” 😉

So….would you like to be more like Mr. Beetle now? More self oriented and confident? Focused on what tools, gifts and potentialities do YOU have to fly as who you are?

This is what Astrology Life Coaching can help you with, while assessing your birth chart and your life moment! Make like mr. Beetle and focus on your own journey and what are the most precious gifts you have. You’ll be positively surprised how having a map helps things out. 🙂

Let’s say “No” to external misleading voices and “yes” to fully exploring your own potentials by  accepting guidance on identifying all the external voices that are blocking you to fly or to fly higher! #Let’sGoTogether

Time to change the game…what happens when what’s “coming in” is not fulfilling anymore…

How often have you seen yourself, lately, putting a lot of extra energy on things – work, relationships…..with the impression that is more like of a one way street….that nothing comes back in return? Not even words appreciation…

How often are you having to take the lead on things to get things minimally moving …  having to pointing out screaming problems that nobody  wants to acknowledge …Well, this is ok to work like this for a while but  time after time, it brings one  to the feeling of overwhelmingness, frustration,  agressiveness and ultimately need of reclusion…

The ugly truth…it is time to stop…and think through…why? why are doing this at all…first of all…why are you expecting any return at all from others? What kind of recognition or validation are you looking for?  Until which extent your actions and feelings are driven by others….I mean…do you really want to give all that power to others…will they be the ones leading your mood, your day and your happiness? Really? What is the secondary gain you have from being always the one making things move for others and around?

Again..think through…take some time to disconnect..get some perspective on the conditioning you were put under…when will you finally breakthrough from the ropes that were put on you…by others…and sometimes by yourself (in order to meet false beliefs on others expectations)?  And what is the price you are paying for it?

What if you make a trial…on trying to put yourself first…driving the attitude and the perspective towards what YOU believe …

If things are not ok…and you keep hearing all these voices in your mind that you are the problem…what kind of action or sick game will be playing with yourself?

I suggest you here a simple  and SWEET game for you…a game to “make believe”…

All you have to do here…is make believe…on anything that may be bothering you and keeping you away from being happy NOW!

If you have a problem…just “make believe” that all things were ok…that all is being figured it out…and of course act in congruence to that…act in congruence to the solution your heart points out to…Believe me…things will sort themselves out.. and BELIEVE IN YOU! Can’t be that hard, you used to do this as a child, come on 😉

In doubt on what to do, just go for what it FEELS RIGHT…and then I can promise you, it will be rewarding..because you are going to true and congruent to yourself…and exercising your right of having a conscious choice on life…on what is the ideal solution for all YOUR NEEDS are…and as you can see…they are not depending on others…they are only depending on you…creating and connecting to your own inner world…

And then, you’ll start changing the game 🙂 😉

Thoughts? Can’t wait to hear from you…just share below. 🙂